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FINALLY ... an easy fix for shin splints.
Combat the pain caused by shin splints and assist to decrease healing time. This unavoidable overuse injury can linger and take a long time to heal. The warming neoprene sleeve offers thermal compression and assisted pain relief.All purpose sports knee wrap for various sports, medical and work applications.


  • Wrap-around shin/calf sleeve with 3 outer adjustment straps that provide extra confidence when worn.
  • Designed to fit your calf perfectly.
  • Packed with technology to ensure your best care.
  • Ideal most sports application.
  • Adjustable closure with contoured design for a snug fit and superior compression.
  • Helps with non specific arthritis discomfort.
  • Prevents slippage during strenuous activity.
  • Easily adjust tension as needed.
  • Helps to relax tendons and prevent muscle strain.


  • One size fits most.
  • Unisex.
  • Fits left or right.
  • Machine washable.
  • Hygienic.


  • Open all hook closures and lay the open brace over your lower leg/calf/shin location.
  • Slowly attach each of the 3 hook panels by overlapping over the grey material and closing.
  • Close the top panel first, followed by the lowest panel and then the middle panel.
  • Do not apply to tightly yet.
  • Make sure the brace is flat on the leg and ensure it is positioned exactly where you want it.
  • You may now increase the pressure of each tab by opening each strap and closing it more tightly.
  • Medium to mild pressure is sufficient although you may apply the brace to your perfect comfort level.
  • May be worn directly over skin.
  • Compression to be firm, yet not too tight so as to restrict circulation.
  • May be applied to left or right leg.

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