Derma-Fix Underwrap | SKU: 99DF

Derma-Fix underwrap assists in simple and painless removal of rigid strapping tape.


  • Well tolerated by the skin.
  • Ideal for pre taping shoulders, ankles, knees, wrists and elbows.
  • 10 meter rolls in 5 or 10cm widths.
  • Porous fabric allows for perspiration to wick through.


  • To help avoid irritation when taping frequently.


  • To apply, cut to desired length and adhere to skin by removing the backing paper.
  • Derma-Fix will stretch a little to allow a perfect fit.
  • When taping frequently, always apply Derma-Fix as a base to help avoid nasty skin irritation.
  • The low profile, lightweight nature of derma-fix helps to keep the overall bulk of a taped joint to a minimum.

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