Regular Wool Magnetic Underlay | SKU: DW10RW

Regular Wool Magnetic Underlay


Dick Wicks is Australia's most trusted brand of quality magnetic therapy products invited you to enjoy vibrant health and soothing sleep with natural drug free therapy. For a sound, rejuvenating, restful sleep, experience the "re-energising sleep field" that's created by Dick Wicks Magnets.


  • An economical alternative to the Premium Wool Underlay.
  • A natural & non invasive magnetic therapy that creates MAX sleep power.
  • Luxuriously plush Premium quality Australian wool.
  • Ultra-fresh performance antimicrobial for safe and effective control of a wide range of bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew and dust mites.
  • We give you the most magnets - up to 340 magnets of 1000 gauss each.
  • Assists peripheral circulation and quickens the natural healing process.
  • Dick Wicks POWER magnets have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Can be used in conjunction with an electric blanket.
  • Dry clean only.
  • Cover and filling made from 100% Natural Australian wool on a reversible cotton base that can be turned over in summer.
  • Fitted stretch skirt for thickest of mattresses (40cm).
  • Formaldehyde content rated within Australian Safety Standards.


  • Vibrant health and soothing sleep with natural drug free therapy.


    SINGLE Total Magnets 152 (Dims 91 x 191 x 40 cm)
    KING SINGLE Total Magnets 171 (Dims 107 x 203 x 40 cm)
    DOUBLE Total Magnets 266 (Dims 137 x 191 x 40 cm)
    QUEEN Total Magnets 320 (Dims 152 x 203 x 40 cm)
    KING Total Magnets 340 (Dims 183 x 203 x 40 cm)

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