Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder pain can sometimes be a sign of heart attack. If this is a possibility, please urgently seek medical advice or contact emergency services immediately (dial 000 in Australia). Shoulder pain that lingers or increases in intensity should be quickly directed to your medical practitioner for further investigation.

Shoulder injuries can be quite complex, as pain or injury can occur in the joint, muscles, tendons or ligaments in and around the shoulder. Sometimes, pain can only be felt when moving the shoulder in a certain way.

Shoulder pain can also be a minor concern, often occurring as a result of general ‘wear and tear’, ageing, arthritis or even simply overusing the joint. There are several kinds of injuries to the shoulder such as rotator cuff injury (tears or strains to the muscles or tendons), dislocation or instability, fractures, or even other underlying medical conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Bodyassist’s range of support products may alleviate discomfort and provide additional support and compression to assist with swift recovery from injury.

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