Hernia & Testicular

Hernia & Testicular

Hernia discomfort is felt when tissue pushes its way through a weakened location. As more tissue pushes through, pressure and pain increases. Intense pain may increase as it enlarges. Untreated hernias will not disappear on their own, even though it may not seem to get worse for over time.

The most common type of hernia is inguinal or groinal hernia. Other types include umbilical, epigastric, incisional, lumbar, internal and spigellian. Inguinal hernia occurs when part of the bowel bulges out through the inguinal canal (an opening through the muscles of the abdominal wall, into the groin). Inguinal hernias are most common in men.

The two subcategories of inguinal hernias are ; Direct, when it pushes directly through a weak point in the groin, often associated with heavy lifting, and Indirect, when the hernia pushes through an opening to the side of the abdominal wall. as opposed to the muscles of the abdomen.

Reducible hernias may be pushed back in place or flattened. Non-reducible hernias may become life-threatening if complications arise. We urgently recommend consulting medical professional if you suspect you have a hernia. They can assist with correct product selection.

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