Bodyassist Cold Feel Adjustable Copper Infused Antibacterial Face mask | SKU: 6400

Premium Face mask with Advanced Antibacterial Protection Technology (AAPT). Infused with copper to help fight bacterial growth, eliminate odours and block electromagnetic waves. Water repellent treatment cause fine particle droplets to slide right off the surface. Your best choice for personal protection and comfort.


  • Copper infused fabric is unfriendly to bacteria. We bond copper ions to fibres so that when bacterial micro-organisms come in contact with the copper, the bacterial cell structure is destroyed, therefore preventing bacterial growth and eliminating semi-permanent antibacterial function.
  • Protects against Influenza A virus subtype H3N2.
  • Outer side repels moisture droplets.
  • Treated with Phytocide for a cooler and more comfortable experience against your skin. Phytoncide is a natural fabric treatment that provides a cooler feel over skin with a refreshing scent and further antibacterial functionality.
  • This mask is lightweight and has high breath ability.
  • Ergonomically shaped for a perfect fit and superior comfort so you can wear it all day.
  • 50+ UV protection.
  • Adfjustable.
  • Fully washable.
  • Please note, this mask is not a medical mask.

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