Activease Thermal Shoulder Support with Magnets

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Increase elasticity of muscles
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Activease Thermal Shoulder Support with Magnets (#DW33SSSH)
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One size thermal shoulder wrap that fits left or right side for symptomatic relief of sprains, strains, bursitis & tendonitis.


  • Provides soft tissue support, compression and helps to increase elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Simple, light design makes it perfect for extended wear.
  • May help to soothe arthritic tension.
  • Fit most body shapes and can be easily shared between people.
  • Assist to prevent injury or re-injury and helps speed up recovery.
  • To provide minor support the shoulder & help to speed up recovery.
  • To provide magnetic therapy.
  • To cushion against minor scrapes and bumps.


  • The manufacturer/importer will not be held responsible for any misuse of this product.
  • We strongly advise that care be taken in the use of magnetic products.
  • We do not advise for magnets to be used if you are pregnant, use a pacemaker, defribulator or insulin pump.
  • Magnets should be kept away from computers, electronic storage disks & devices.
  • Always consult a physician prior to use if unsure.
  • Do not apply over open wounds.
  • If pain increases or persists, discontinue use & consult a physician.
  • No guarantee is made either expressed or implied that injury will be prevented with this product.
  • To maintain quality the manufacturer reserves the right to alter specifications & materials without prior notice.
  • Individuals with allergic reactions to rubber latex should confirm material content before purchase.
  • Before using any compression product please seek medical advice prior to use if you suffer from circulatory problem.


  • One size and fits left or right side.
  • Multi directional CR Latex-free neoprene.
  • 20 High Power magnets may help to promotes greater blood circulation and a speedy recovery.
  • Approx total magnetic strength of 20,000 Gauss.
  • Completely washable and hygienic.


  • Hand wash, warm water.
  • Use mild detergent.
  • Do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.
  • Hang to air-dry in a well ventilated area.


  • The manufacturer warrants this item to be free of defects in material and workmanship during normal use.
  • If a defect is found in normal use, the manufacturer will, at its election, repair, provide a replacement product, or make appropriate adjustment.
  • Damage to a product caused by accident, misuse, or abuse is not covered by this warranty.
  • Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) must be provided with all warranty claims.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for labour charges, or other consequential costs.
  • In no event shall the liability exceed the purchase price of the item.


  • Have the short velcro strap set for the bottom section of the product.
  • Now open the bottom part and slot it through your left or right hand and pull through until the top section sits on your shoulders.
  • Then pull the long elastic strap around and slot through the buckle.
  • At the end of the strap, open up the velcro strap (the inside one facing your chest), pull and stick to material.
  • Note, the end strap opens both sides for left or right but you only need to open one side.
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